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With 30 years of history the half cab is here to stay, the longest running skate pro model shoe is a timeless silhouette skaters have skated since 1992, still skate, and probably will skate for long years to come.

And speaking of timeless style, we gave our buddy and local legend Bernardo Osório a call to go hang out with him for a day and show-off his half cabs, which he’s been wearing since the 90’s. Like good wine Bernardo and the half cabs only get better with age, – what’s the secret? – you may ask, the answer is a morning bath of salty water followed by some cardio workout, the kind you wear your half cabs for.

As for the half cabs, Vans has upgraded the iconic shoe to fit modern day standards in skateboarding footwear, they now feature the all new technology of the Skate Classics, an interior layer of duracap in the high abrasion areas, Pop Cush insoles for comfort and impact protection, aswell as improved outsoles made out of Vans’ new rubber compound, for enhanced grip and durabilty – Sickstick.

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