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The new Vans Authentic Chinos deliver durability, comfort and functionality for an affordable price, and on top of that, they’ll look real good on you. These pants are Vans’ take on classic workwear chino pants, built strong with a durable cotton/polyester blend that stretches and holds up after you fall on your ass for hours straight. They fit nice and loose, and come with a bunch of new details that make them so special, like a “V” shaped belt loop in the back and a flag label sewn on the inside of the leg that will pop out when you cuff the pants. The pockets are designed to be the most accessible possible but also safe for when you’re skating with your phone and your doggie treats in your pocket.

Here’s Alex Furtado and Daniel Crespo skating around in the new Authentic Chino Pants, looking good doggies!

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