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Dilabor is back with a new drop, the Nervous Breakdown collection. The boards are available in size 8.0 (Blue), 8.125 (Purple), 8.25 (Pink), 8.375 (Black), 8.5 (Navy) and 8.75 (Yellow) for all the big boys out there. Inspired by Raymond Pettibon’s timeless Black Flag posters and album covers, the Nervous Breakdown boards and shirts capture the anxious and frustrating feeling of being confined at home during quarantine. Mental health is a very serious topic and must be talked about during these times when every headliner is a reminder that the world is lost. Reach out buddy, before you stick your head in the TV.

You can watch Manel, Daniel and Laurence shred around Lisbon to the sound of the Black Flag classic song that inspired this collection, get inspired and go skate outside, while you can.

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